4 Things To Consider Before Transparent Vinyl Sticker Printing

Clear label printing is everywhere, from waterbottle labels to clear barcode lables. Transparent vinyl sticker printing creates a softer, more elegant look when compared to commonly used white label printing,

Please note, product labels with white ink base is only cost effective at higher volumes

Transparent vinyl sticker printing

With transparent labels the colour of the container or the content inside the container is visible through the clear sticker. As you can see from this watterbottle label to the left, the white and red behind the see thorugh label is visible through the label. This may affect your design and therefore the legiblity of your sticker design.

In this post I am going to list a few points you should consider when designing before you order transparent vinyl sticker printing.

So before printing your see through stickers, you need to consider the following list of points to make your design professional and easy to read.

  1. Colours of your design
  2. The colour of your container or product
  3. The size of your design
  4. The use of white ink as based ink
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1. Colours In Your Clear Label Design

ink on a clear label is transparent

From the image to the left you can see ink printed on a clear vinyl sticker is transparent. The colour you see consisteds of very small dots. Darker colours are more dots and more layers of dots closer together whereas lighter colours are less dots and less layers of ink.

As you can see the light blue is bearly visible. You need to consider the colours you use in your design. Lighter colours are less obvious and may affect how your design appear especially on darker backgrounds

2. The Colour Of Your Container Or Product

Clear vinyl sticker on white background
Clear vinyl sticker on light background
Clear vinyl sticker on dark background

Above the same transparent product label was placed on different colour backgrounds. Important things to note from this is the legiblity of this clear label. Firstly, the text is easier to ready on the white and light background than the dark background. Secondly, on the white background, the design is more blue but on the darker colours, the colours have changed. Typically you would prefer your design to appear the way you designed it, therefore the container you use or the colour of the product in your container must be considered.

In our demonstration the background can either represent the colour of the container you stick your lable on, for example sticking your label red or a black plastic container. The background can also represent the colour of the liquid or the colour of your product, for example if you have a red cleaning liquid or a black liquid inside your container

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3. The Size Of The Elements In Your Design

ActionPrint clear bottle label

As you can see from this photos, the larger text is easier to read than the smaller text. This is of course well known but did you notice how the water affects the ease to ready the text. The text in the section, with the water as backing is easier to ready as it reflects the white from the paper below it but the text above the water is that as clear. What is clear is the name that is in a larger font.

Consider using darker and larger fonts for important, for example the name and message on a water label at a wedding or event.

4. White Base Ink And Clear Label Printing

White product label

The print on the label in the image on the left is very clear and easy to ready. The reason for this is the design was printed on a white sticker material blocking any interference the container may have on the actual print itself.

Unfortunately the white parts, not printed, does look very solid. The label does not have a natural flow with the rest of the container.

This is the reason why you wish to clear label printing. Fortunately there is a solution.

You may have noticed the white in the previous photos. In the image to the right, a layer of white ink was printed over the colour ink to block certain parts of the print.

Advantages Of A White Ink Base

Transparent vinyl sticker printing with white ink base will offer the following benefits

  • Preserve your design colours preventing the background from affecting the colour
  • Make smaller text easier to read
ActionPrint clear sticker back
ActionPrint white base ink

From the image to the left you can see how the white is blocking the red background making the smaller font of the ingredient list more readable

White ink as a base on your transparent vinyl sticker printing will solve all of the abovementioned challenges but this method does have some drawbacks

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Disadvantages of White Ink Base On Clear Label Printing

  • To add a white layer of ink to your clear label is more expensive than standard transperant vinyl sticker printing.
  • Depending on the quantity and the printing process used, there may be additional setup fees to print the white ink layer

I hope this post has given you some points to consider when designing your transparent labels. In conclusion, the aforementioned should help you design a more effective transparent label design.

With over 20 years of printing experience, we at ActionPrint have the insight to assist you with any custom label printing you many need. If you require low volume sticker printing at cheap prices or high volume clear label printing for professional commercial products, contact us today. We offer custom sticker printing at any size.

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