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Frosted sandblast cut vinyl is the ideal way to cover glass, to create privacy or even add decorative designs or patterns. Frosted cut vinyl allows light to come into a room creating a soft look.

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Frosted Sandblast Vinyl

Sandblast glass vinyl or frosted vinyl is an opaque film, a modern alternative to sand blasted glass of the old days.

The original sandblast glass was blasted with sand to break the clear transparency of the glass hence the name sandblast glass. White translucent window film gives a frosted glass effect that allows for light to go through but break direct visibility. A good example of sandblasted glass is bathroom windows.

Vinyl sandblast vinyl is also known as etched window vinyl due to the frosted effect it gives.

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Sandblast Etched Glass Vinyl Uses

Sandblast glass film has become very popular, not only as a solid window glass sticker to create privacy in bathrooms but also as decorative and branding in office and houses eg. front doors, living room or stair case windows.

Solid Vinyl Sandblast Film

As mentioned, most bathroom windows have a sandblast effect to create privacy from the outside yet allow light into the room. With sandblast film for windows you have the flexibility of partially covering the glass.

You can even use dense or create patterns. What if your bathroom or room on the first floor and you only wish to block the bottom half of the window, to cover up the view from the street but leave the top half open to view they sky. Etched glass film is perfect for this task

Frosted Vinyl Patterns

Frosted glass vinyl can be cut in to any patterns. Maybe you want large geometric or abstract vinyl patterns on the glass at your office to obscure the view, yet not create a solid closed off space.

These patterns can match any design you have in your office or your brand but create a soft look that allows light to go though. This shapes of your design can even be eye height, yet open at the top and the bottom of these windows to keep the feel of openness and space.

Another popular use it to cut Victoria designs form window sandblasting vinyl and apply on front door or dining room windows. These designs are soft yet creates a style that compliments your interior. The effect can be similar to the old lead glass windows yet a must softer look and feel.

Sandblast Vinyl Use for Branding

We can cut your logo from sandblasting film and apply that through your office or shop, even on mirrors, to repeat your brand visibly. Sandblast vinyl stickers can also be used in conjunction with coloured vinyl to highlight your brand.

We have also printed various designs on sandblast stickers like leaves or cityscapes. When light shines through these printed frosted glass film, it creates a shadow that gives your design a new dimension
Sandblast film can be used as a background in combination with colour vinyl cutting

Pros of Using Etched Vinyl

  • Easy to apply on already installed windows
  • Frosted glass vinyl can be quick and easily be cut to any shape, size or pattern incl branding
  • More cost effective than actual sand blasted glass
  • Create soft lighting, especially in rooms with direct sun

Cons of Sand blast Cut Vinyl

  • Smaller patterns and text does not cut very well and may move or misshape. Fortunately smaller text can be printed instead of being cut

Sandblast Vinyl Sticker Colours and Effects

An advantage of sandblast film is that it comes in various colours and effects. Typically frosted vinyl is light grey in colour but can also be supplied in gold and other tins like red, blue etc.

Because sandblast film is printable we can print any colour you my like. Frosted vinyl comes in different effect for example glitter, crystal or even for frosty and whitish.

Sizes of Frosted Vinyl

Frosted vinyl rolls are typically 1.37m wide and comes in various lengths. 10m, 25m 30m etc. We load these vinyl rolls into our cutter and cut any shape, size or sandblast pattern from the frosted vinyl.
We will cut your design form these rolls and if your design is bigger than a roll, we will create multiple panels to create the final design

Sand Blast Glass Vinyl DIY Application

The application process is very easy. In the case of patterns, a transfer tape will be applied over the vinyl to keep the pattern in place. Once the etched vinyl sticker is applied onto the glass, you can remove the transfer tape.

The vinyl diy window film can be applied with a mild solution of Sunlight soapy water and a flat object to apply.

The steps are:

  • Wipe the windows from any oil or dust that may get trapped between the vinyl and the window
  • Make sure there is not draft of air to blow more dust onto the glass
  • Remove the backing paper from the sandblast vinyl to expose the adhesive
  • Spray the soapy water onto the adhesive to temporary “deactivate” the stickiness of the glue. This will allow you to position the pattern and squeeze out air
  • Use the flat object like a credit card to push the soapy water out from under the frosted glass vinyl. Push the water to the nearest edge
  • Be careful not to use any sharp objects on the vinyl to prevent any scratches
  • Once all the water is out you can trim any edge with a carpet knife. Give it a bit of time to set or use a hairdryer to dry out water and activate the adhesive
  • Slowly remove the transfer tape. If any part of the pattern should move then push it down with the card.
  • Leave to dry for a day or so before wiping the sandblast as it may still be wet and move
  • Don’t use any strong chemical to clean the sandblast and only use a lint free cloth to white it

Alternative Window Branding

Window tint films

Window tint vinyl are a great alternative to sandblast vinyl.


Have different grades to block more or less sunlight


The may have a mirror appearance with can reflect light in small spaces which is not always ideal or it may have a dark appearance like the tints used for vehicle windows
Windows tint films are not ideal for indoor use and has a “hard” look
Glass tint vinyl are a lot more expensive

Coloured Sandblast Vinyl


Coloured cut vinyl is available in many colours and has a far brighter appearance whereas sandblast films has a much more subtle and soft appearance.
The cost and application method of frosted vinyl and colour vinyl are roughly the same.


If you use too many bright colours on large surfaces can be become too much very soon.
Colour vinyl, especially darker colours, can block light but sandblast glass film would still allow the light to come through.

One Way Contra Vision Sticker


A full colour print is more visible on a one way vision sticker but appears light or dull on etched vinyl.
One way sticker is very easy to apply


The inside of one way film is solid black and can not be branded. This can create a heavy appearance

Sandblast Pattern Artwork

You may supply us with your design or we can assist you in designing artwork to match your needs. We will guide you thought the whole process and give you effective and relevant advice. With over 15 years’ experience in printing we can advise you on the best material and print method to use to solve your specific need.

Etched Window Film Prices

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