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Contra Vision Sticker

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Printed contra vision vinyl is the ideal way to allow visibility from the inside out through a window.

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Contra Vision Sticker

What is contravision stickers?

Contra vision is a sticker allowing sight from one direction only.

How does contravision vinyl work?

Contra vision window vinyl film is a solid vinyl with small holes, making it possible to see thought the vinyl. The contra vision sticker is applied from the outside of the window. The light reflects of the design making it difficult to see through the holes in the sticker. On the inside the contra vision sticker is black, absorbing the light, making it possible to to see through the perforated vinyl to the outside.

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One Way Vision Window Vinyl Uses

Perforated one way vision window is a great way to use your windows as full colour advertising and branding yet also create privacy.

What are the benefits of contravision?

  • Easy to apply to existing windows
  • Allow for full colour high definition printing
  • More cost effective way to create privacy
  • Can be used to partially block an window or cut to shapes
  • People can still view outside

Cons of a Contra Vision Sticker

  • The inside is black which can appear dark and solid
  • Not ideal for indoor use unless you want to block of a room

Oneway Vinyl Sizes

Contra vision rolls are typically 1.37m wide and comes in various lengths. We load these contra vision vinyl rolls into our printer to print and cut any design as you require. Should your design be bigger than a roll, we will print your design as panels and once applied, it will form your design.

Contra Vision Sticker Installation

The application process is very easy. In the case of patterns, a transfer tape will be applied over the vinyl to keep the pattern in place. Once the etched vinyl sticker is applied onto the glass, you can remove the transfer tape.

Due to the holes in the contravision, the sticker is easy to apply as it will not trap any air to form bubbles.

The steps are:

  • Wipe the windows of any oil or dust that may get trapped between the vinyl and the window.
  • Make sure there is not draft of air to blow more dust onto the windows.
  • Cut away any waste around the edge of the contra vision sticker to match the shape of the window.
  • Position the one way sticker on the window and peel back only the top 5cm
  • Cut the backing paper still on the window
  • Use the flat object like a credit card to push the exposed contra vision sticker flat to stick and hold the rest of the sticker in place.
  • Roll the oneway vinyl up from the bottom
  • Pull the backing paper from underneath, down while applying the vinyl from the top down.
  • Be careful not to use any sharp objects on the vinyl to prevent any scratches
  • Don’t use any strong chemical to clean the sandblast and only use a lint free cloth to white it

Alternative Window Branding

Window Tint Films

Window tint vinyl are a great alternative to sandblast vinyl.


Have different grades to block more or less sunlight


The may have a mirror appearance with can reflect light in small spaces which is not always ideal or it may have a dark appearance like the tints used for vehicle windows
Windows tint films are not ideal for indoor use and has a “hard” look
Glass tint vinyl are a lot more expensive

Coloured Sandblast Vinyl


Coloured cut vinyl is available in many colours and has a far brighter appearance whereas sandblast films has a much more subtle and soft appearance.
The cost and application method of frosted vinyl and colour vinyl are roughly the same.


If you use too many bright colours on large surfaces can be become too much very soon.
Colour vinyl, especially darker colours, can block light but sandblast glass film would still allow the light to come through.

Sandblast Vinyl


Creates a much softer look


Any printing is not very clear. Appears more subtle

Click here to view sandblast vinyl

Contra Vision Sticker Price

Contra vision price per square meter may vary based on quantity. We offer discount on higher volume orders.

Contra Vision Sticker Design

You may supply us with a design or your the information you wish to display on the one way window film. Our team of graphic designers will create a mock up that you can adjust until you are happy with the design.

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We currently print and delivery throughout South Africa with a high customer concentration in Pretoria, Centurion, Johannesburg, Midrand, Durban, Cape Town, Western Cape and Port Elizabeth.
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