Terms and Conditions


  • All printing remains the property of ActionPrint until full payment has been received
  • Only once the deposit has been received and the final artwork approved, only then will we start processing the order.
  • Printing only takes place during working days, Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm.
  • Public holidays are not considered working days even if it falls on a week day.
  • If approval and deposit is received after 12 am on the same day, processing will only start from the following working day
  • Please allow enough time, in case your artwork needs adjusting. We will send you a proof design after every correction, this may take a bit of time to get to the final product. We can not be held responsible if enough time was not planned. Our aim is to rather get the job done right than to rush it and have to reprint later. This will result in more time and money going to waste.
  • Always bear in mind, we have other customers as well and can not always attend to your requests immediately.
  • Even with a colour code, please know that different printing methods, inks and media result in different colours even though the same code is used. We always aim to produce a colour as close as possible to the desired colour
  • Reruns of artwork my result in the colour of ink differing from the order to the next. This is due to factors like, moist in the area, age of printer parts, variations in media supplied by suppliers. We always try to produce it a close match as possible
  • Important information for example specific colour codes, design guidelines or due date of a print should be brought to our attention when the quote is requested or at latest when the order is placed. Once the printing process has started, we can not always alter the process without incurring more charges or risk losing more time. We can not be held responsible should this happen as we where not made aware of the information
  • All prices incl VAT unless specified otherwise.
  • We do accept approval via email even tough a handwritten signature has not been given.

Rush Orders


An order which is produced at a shorter lead time

Should you need an order produced by a specific date or as quick as possible, we recommend you make use of this service. If not, your order will continue through our normal workflow queues, which may or many not meet your deadline. We are not liable for any losses or damages if we are not aware of your deadline or if we dont meet your deadline.


  • With a rush order fee, you are not paying for a guarantee but a priority service. Even if, for some reason, we do not meet your deadline, you still received the priority service you paid for. Eventhough we will do everything in our power to meet your deadline, we are still subject to setbacks outside of your control.
  • The rush order fee is for any additional expenses we incur to produce your order on time. With a rush order, we spend extra time to monitor the progress of the order. Staff may have to work addtional hours to meet your deadline, In some cases we may have additional travel expenses to collect raw materials to meet your deadline.
  • Action Print will not be held liable for any loss and/or damage due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • The typical lead time of producing any product takes into consideration typical and/or potential delays. With a rush order, there is no extra time to compensate for any setback.
  • Please make sure your requests are realistic eg do not order a 10000 flyers on a Sunday to collect on a Monday morning.
  • Delivery times. Kindly factor realistic delivery times to your location eg main city centers are quicker to reach then smaller towns and more remote locations. We are not liable for any delays in delivery as delivery is handeled by a 3rd party. We only offer and facility the delivery proses as part of our serivice to you. You are not obligated to make use of our courier provider and may send your own to collect. We strongly recommend collection to avoid any delivery delays.
  • Rush orders are time-sensitive.
    • Please ensure that you have provided the correct email and contact numbers for you/and or your company.
    • Kindly ensure that you are available, should we urgently need to contact you.
    • If for any reason you can not be reached, please notify us and make alternative arrangements.
    • Action Print will not be held liable for any losses and/or damages due to Action Print not being able to reach you and /or you not responding. You have placed an urgent order and are therefore you need to be available and reachable.
    • Should you delay in sending your approval for artwork, you may cause a delay in your order and this may affecting your lead time.
  • Unless specified otherwise, Action Print will send you a proof design for your approval, before the order is printed. Kindly ensure you are available that email and reply thereto at your earliest convenience.  Action Print will not be held liable for any losses or damages, due to Action Print not receiving your approval.
  • ActionPrint reserves the right to cancel any rush order especially if the order is not realistic to produce within the deadline specified or if any of our other requirements are not meant. We will notify you as soon as possible and discuss you options

Same Day and Next Day Orders

Due to the short lead time, we will send your artwork to print as supplied, without sending you a proof design unless we suspect any risks or complications.

Cancellation & Refund


  • If artwork is not supplied within the stated time period, it may affect your delivery date. Action Print will not be held liable for any losses and/or damages.
  • Rush orders do not allow time for any kind of delay.
  • All artwork must be provided in a print-ready format unless you have specified that the artwork is not print-ready and Action print has agreed to the deadline and the condition of the artwork.
  • Should any product and/or printing not match the artwork in any way due to a technical mismatch or conversion, Action Print will not be held liable.
  • Should your artwork not be in a print ready format, resulting in your artwork and the printed product do not match, Action print will not be help responsible. See topic “Print Ready Artwork”
  • Any artwork which has been approved, Action Print will not be held liable for any mistakes that may occur. 


  • Order must be paid in full and upfront.
  • Payment must be received no later than the cut-off time specified. Failing to do the aforementioned, may result in the order not being completed by the deadline. We recommend using PayFast as payment method as it clears immediately. Action Print will not be held liable for any losses and/or damages due to late payment.
  • Should there be a need for any additional charges such as design time, these charges will be payable before collection. 

Lead Times

Lead time is the typical time it will take produce a final product.

  • Lead times are not a gaurantee of a delivery date but more a rough estimate based on typical workflow and circumstances
  • Due to many factors and variables, it is impossible to give an accurate lead time of all our products at all times, hence we use typical lead times. For an accurate lead time please contact our sales team.
  • Some factors that may affect lead times are
    • Quantity ordered eg it is quicker to produce 10 product than 10 000
    • Current workload. During busier times, it can take longer to produce an order due to the number of orders in progress.
    • Supply issues – our supplier may delivery raw materials late or not have stock
    • Failure – power failure eg loadshedding or machine failure. This may slow down production
    • Custom orders – A product with more finishing or custom work will take longer to produce as the staff is less familiar and more caution when producing your product. The raw materials may also take longer to source as we do not stock them.
  • For a standard product we do factor in extra time for eventualities but by definition complication may not be in our control and may affect the lead time.
  • Delivery time is not factored into our lead times as they are outside of your control. We can however assist you with typical lead times for delivery.
  • We are not liable for any damages due to your order being exceeding our lead time. You will have to add extra time to your planning and order early just in case of any complications. Not planning properly may leave you without a product for your event.
  • Please note your order is processed in batches and on a first come first served queue system. We have an equal obligation to process all our customers order on time. I am sure you would not be pleased if you give other peoples orders high priority than yours.
  • If you do have a specific delivery date, please communicate it with us. In such cases we strongly recommend considering our Rush Order service (see Rush Orders on this page)
  • Tips to improve the lead time of your order
    • Place your order online and pay with payfast for immediate payments
    • If you do require a product not available online, please use our WhatsApp line to comminicate with your sales team
    • Be clear and precise with you requirments
      • Colour
      • Size
      • Quantity
      • Requirements or spesifications
      • Even send us photos to help you demonstrate what you require
      • Specifiy collection or delivery – We recommend collection to avoid any delays with the courier service
    • Respond to our communication as quick as possible
    • Double check all details of your order before making payment as any mistake may delay your order
    • Pay your invoice online, if not, do an express EFT and send us the POP
    • Use your order number as payment reference number to make it easy to match your payment to your order
    • Pay your order in full. Full payment will avoid the addition admin in notifying you and making a second payment, when your order is done.
    • Send print ready artwork (see Print Ready Artwork on this page) – The less time our designers will have to spend to prepare your artwork for the printers, the quicker you will get your order
    • Look out for your artwork approval notication email and approve your proof design online as quickly as possible
    • Monitor your order online and be available when we try to reach you to notify your order is complete.

Cancellation and/or Refunds

Artwork Approval


Once you have approved the design supplied to you by Action Print, thereafter the artwork will be printed accordingly. BY APPROVING THE ARTWORK, YOU HAVE ACCEPTED FULL LIABILITY, THEREFORE SHOULD ANY INCORRECT INFORMATION AND/OR ARTWORK BE APPROVED BY YOURSELF AND/OR ONE OF YOUR COMPANIES REPRESENTATIVES, ACTION PRINT WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE for any and all costs incurred. Any reprints will be done at your own and/or companies expense.

By approving your artwork you agree to the following

  • You agree all information incl. contact details, spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct and accurate. We do aim to produce your design as accurately as possible. Our graphic designers are trained to assist you with the visual representation of your print; they are not proof readers nor language experts. We do not know your information, as well as you do. Designing several layouts per day we can easily mis-type information.
  • You agree the layout and design incl font and text is accurate and correct. Due to software incompatibilities, elements in your design may change or not display entirely. This may happen without us knowing. We do not know your design as well as you do, therefore we wont be aware of any changes. Slight font changes may happen due to some font sets being similar to but not identical to our fonts. A different font may not seem out of place to us. Kindly ensure you have supplied us with the names of the fonts relevant to your artwork upon sending us your initial artwork. Alternatively you may send the artwork as curves/outlines.
  • You agree all colours are correct. Colours may appear incorrect on the screen. Please notify us of the correct colour codes preferably as CMYK. If you have any concerns or expectations regarding your colours, please bring it to our attention before you approve your artwork.
  • Kindly notify us of any corrections and/or alterations you may require. As per the aforementioned liability clause Action Print will not be held liable for any reprint and/or any charges incurred, by incorrect artwork being approved.
  • DO NOT assume any content is correct. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK!

Print Ready Artwork

Print-ready artwork, means your design is print ready, as is, and do not need any additional time spend to get it ready for the printer.

Requirements for a good quality print;  

  • Images are 300dpi or more with no visible pixelation
  • The font is converted to curves or outlines
  • All colours and images are designed in CMYK
  • Your design size and ratio match the size of the product you ordered
  • You have extended the background and added at least 3mm bleed to the edge of the design
  • Your content is 3mm from the edge of the product
  • You have visible crop marks

Should your artwork not match any of these requirements we may request you to fix it, alternatively we may charge you a design time fee, to rectify it on your behalf.

Please download and make use of our product guides and templates, downloadable on each product page.

Benefits of sending print-ready artwork

  • You will get your order a lot quicker
  • You will not incur any additional fees
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