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Flyers and Leaflet Printing

Flyers are still popular as ever. Colourful and attention drawing leaflet are cheap to print and easy to distribute. Promotional flyer for a restaurant, business or church relaying information of the next event or promotion.

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Flier Paper Types

Cheap flyer printing are often done on 80gsm bond paper and in a single colour. Smaller sizes like A6 leaflets will also help to bring the cost down and allow for more fliers to be printed using the same budget. It is also cheaper to print on one side of a flyer then on both sides, but not by much.

Typically a pamphlet would be printed on 100gsm to 128gsm gloss paper. This paper type is an economical option but still gives a bit more of a higher quality look and feel.

Customers tend to prefer a 170gsm to 200gsm paper for a more exclusive events or up market product. The thicker paper is a bit more firm when held, especially when a bigger size flyer is needed. A thicker paper also works better with a double sided print as the thicker paper blocks more of the artwork printed on the back.

Special papers can be used but will affect the cost per flyer. If the product advertised is expensive then a better quality paper and print should appeal to a higher income bracket customer and hopefully convert to more sales.

A one of a kind diamond ring of R50 000 should be printed on a quality paper and possibly with some special finish to give the photos and the flyer a premium feel. A cheap flyer with back printing would not represent the ring in the same light and will discourage the customer from even coming to the store to view the real product

Leaflet Sizes

An A5 (148 x 210mm) flyer is a popular size. The flyer is big enough to print a lot of information and eye catching graphics. You can print on both sides if you need more space.

A6 (148 x 105mm) leaflet works well if you focus on specific information like a single product you wish to promote. The size is half the size of an A5 pamphlet which means you get double the volume of flyers reaching more people.

Should you try to print the same design on an A6 as on an A5 the information might get very small in difficult to read. Customers may not read it as it is too small and miss the important information all together.

DL (99 x 210mm) flier is somewhere between an A5 and an A6. You get more flyers out of a box then an A5 but it is bigger than an A6 flyer allowing you to print more. The DL flyer has a very elegant layout and because it appears more upright, it displays well on a counter or a shelf.

Brochures are normally A4 flyers (297 x 210mm) folded in half, to an A5 size or in thirds, to DL size.

Flyer Print Options

The two main flyer printing processes used today are digital and litho printing.

Litho Flyer Printing

A litho printer is an industrial printer that works with plates and ink. Your design is broken up into 4 base colours, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black. Due to the plates and setup, litho printing is only cost effective for high volume printing. The many steps it takes to prepare and print the flyers make the production time longer than digital.

The pros of litho flyer printing is they are very economical at high volumes but the cons are they take longer to produce

Digital Leaflet Printing

A digital printer looks like the copiers you see in an office but it is bigger and more specialised. The digital printer prints at high speeds and print your design straight from a computer. No setup needed. The machine itself however is very sophisticated and expensive to run and maintain.

The pros of the digital flyer printing method is, it is more suited for lower volume flyer printing or if the flyers are needed in a very short period of time. Digital flyers are very expensive at higher volumes due to the running cost of the printers

The technology is catching up and the difference between these machines are getting smaller and smaller.

Your Flyer Design

You may supply us with artwork or we can assist you in designing the perfect flyer to match your needs. We offer 30min free design setup. With over 10 years’ experience in flyer printing we can advise you on the best material and print method to use

Nationwide Delivery

We currently print and delivery throughout South Africa. We have a high customer concentration in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Midrand, Durban, Cape Town, Western Cape and Port Elizabeth.

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