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Professional Large Presentation Cheque Printing

In this article we are going to look at the importance of professional large presentation cheque printing. When it comes to events and ceremonies where donations or sponsorships are being acknowledged, a well-designed and printed presentation check can make a lasting impression.

Firstly, high quality large presentation cheque printing adds a touch of professionalism and credibility to the event. It showcases the commitment and dedication of the organization in ensuring that funds are being utilized properly. Whether it’s for a charity fundraiser, corporate sponsorship, or scholarship award, a printed presentation check elevates the impact of the gesture.

In addition to its visual appeal, a well-printed big cheque provides excellent photo opportunities.

Photos of large presentation cheques we have printed

What is a presentation cheque?

A presentation check, also known as a giant cheque or an oversized check, is a commemorative version of a regular bank cheque. It is typically used for public events, award ceremonies, donations, and other special occasions where the amount being presented holds significance. The main purpose is to create a visual impact and enhance the ceremonial aspect of financial transactions. Its large size makes it easily visible to the audience , allowing for memorable photo opportunities and media coverage.

Where can I get a presentation cheque?

At, we specialize in professional full colour big novelty check printing at the best prices. We offer a wide range of popular presentation check sizes to suit your needs. Whether you need a standard size or prefer a custom size, we can accommodate your requirements. Our experienced design team can also help you with the artwork needed to print a giant check. Simply provide us with your logo, text, and any other details you want to include, and we will create a stunning design that captures the essence of your event or occasion. With plenty of experience in big novelty check printing, trust us for high quality printing that makes a lasting impression.

What size is a dummy cheque?

As big novelty check printers, we understand the importance of choosing the right size for your needs, which is why we provide a range of popular sizes to choose from. Our standard sizes include 1.2×0.6m (120x60cm), 1.6×0.8m (160x80cm) or 1.8×0.9m (180x90cm). Should you require a custom size award cheque, or team of designer are ready to assist you.

The point of a big check is visibility. A extra large cheque is printed so it will be clear to viewer from stage, on a photo or video. Factors to consider when selecting a big check printed size would be:

  1. Details and information. How much detail do you have in your design. If you have a lot of sponsor logos or a lot of text, consider a larger presentation check size.
  2. Viewing distance. If the presentation check is only going to be used during a photo or video session, you do not require a very big printed cheque as the camera can be zoomed. If your custom big cheque has to be visible from a stage, The bigger the better!
  3. Single people vs Groups of people, If the giant cheque is for a group of people, a larger presentation check would look better in a image then a check that is too small. A group of people will mean a wider shot with a camera meaning a larger oversized check would be more practical.

What are big cheques called?

Big cheques are commonly referred to as presentation check, giant cheque, or oversized cheque. These terms are used interchangeably to describe the large commemorative versions of regular bank check that are used for special occasions and public events. With their eye-catching size, these checks make a memorable impact and enhance the ceremonial aspect of financial transactions.

How long will my jumbo novelty cheque take to produce?

To produce a large presentation check does not take long to print, typical 3-5 working days, however you need to budget enough time to design your large novelty check as well as delivery time. We do have have a free giant cheque template make the design easy.

Can a giant cheque artwork be customized with colour branding or a logo?

Absolutely! At ActionPrint, we offer customization options for your big presentation check. Our experienced design team can incorporate your own details including full colour branding elements, including logos, colors, and fonts, to create a personalized and professional appearance. We understand the importance of representing your organization or event accurately, so we ensure that the design captures the essence of your brand. Simply provide us with your logo and any other details you want to include, and we will create a stunning design that makes a long term impression. We offer a free giant cheque template should you wish to design your own.

Do you offer a free download big check template with specifications?

We most certainly do. Visit our product page to download our free template layout or contact us.

Is an oversized cheque reusable?

Correx board cheques are good for single use. Correx are light weight and cheap but not durable. Foamboard, unlike correx board, are smooth, but still only ideal for a single use. Big checks made from plastic are more durable however a lot more expensive. Should you wish to write on the design and then wipe to reuse, we recommend adding lamination to protect the printed design. With lamination you can use a whiteboard marker to simply write, wipe and reuse.

When is a big novelty check used?

A big novelty check is typically used for special events and occasions where a grand gesture is required. Some common instances include charity fundraisers, award ceremonies, sizeable donation presentations, business promotions, sports tournaments and milestone celebrations. These oversized checks add a touch of excitement and create a sense of importance to the moment, making them perfect for capturing attention and leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Whether you want to make a donation announcement or honor an achievement, a big novelty check provides the perfect platform to make your message stand out.

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