Custom Stencil Makers

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Professional custom stencil makers according to your design and size.

Kindly note not all image can be converted to a stencil. We will review your image and advise you accordingly.


Custom Stencil Makers

What is a stencil maker or stencil cutter?

Custom stencil makers are companies who produce custom made stencil cutting based on your designs or requirements.

What is custom stencils?

A custom made stencil cutting is a personalised template created to replicate a specific design, pattern, or text onto various surfaces. These stencils are meticulously crafted to allow for precise and consistent reproduction of the desired image, making them invaluable tools for artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts. With a custom design, you can effortlessly transfer your creativity onto different mediums with ease and precision, adding a touch of individuality to your projects.

Are there different types of materials used for custom made stencil cutting?

  1. Vinyl sticker – Vinyl cutting is ideal for a single use. Your design is cut from a vinyl sticker. You simply sticker the image in the desired place, and paint or spray paint the design in light layers, till the design is sold. Once the paint is dry, peel the cut vinyl off to leave your design behind.
  2. Plastic – Plastic like Mylar is the most commonly used material because it is reusable.
  3. Paper board – Art paper boards are perfect for DIY stencilling as they can be cut with a craft knife or a scissor.
  4. Wood – Woodboard is easy to cut and cheap.

What are some common applications for custom stencils?

  1. Stenciling is a quick and cheap way to mark or brand items for example if you wish to number containers you simply spray painting your number or stencil lettering. Logo stencils are also popular for brand crates or boxes.
  2. If you have a decorative stencil project, custom-made designs, from small to large, are a perfect way to decorate from walls to furniture and more. You may not be able to draw your design by hand but using a stencil you can easily decorate walls like an expert. Patterns are also very popular and using a custom-made stencil cutting design makes it easy to repeat.

How do I use a custom made stencil?

  1. A smooth textured surface will result in a finer print. Different surfaces may not paint smoothly or even cause dripping, overspraying or running paint, as the edges are not sealed causing the paint to run behind the stencil. With rough surfaces do thin layers of paint.
  2. Clean the surface of any dirt or dust. Spray paint or paint will trap the dirt resulting in an uneven print.
  3. Tape your art design in position as it should not move when you are painting. Any movement may cause a double print. If you are using vinyl cutting then stick the sticker without tape.
  4. Use tape to block any area you do not wish to accidently mark.
  5. Make sure your chosen colour will stick against the surface you are spray painting or painting. If a primer is required, your first layer should be the primer.
  6. Apply in thin layers and allow for each layer to dry.
  7. If you are spray painting, spray light layers until the colour is solid. If you are painting with a brush, dabbing tends to work best. Do not use too much paint per layer.
  8. If your custom art design has multiple colours, do one colour at a time. Block all the colour you are not painting to avoid accidental marks
  9. After the colour you are painting has dried, slowly remove the stencil.

How do you choose the right size and thickness for lettering and stencilling?

  • Thicker material is ideal for a large stencil. The thicker material will be more durable and sturdy. The thin film works the best as it is easier to get into the corners and produce a sharper edge.
  • The right size will depend on the space available on the surface you wish to paint. As stencil cutters we recommend, if your design has smaller details or text, to make a large stencil so the detail will not be lost.

Can custom made stencils be reused multiple times?

Mil Mylar stencil material is a poplar stencil material. Mil Mylar is a thin white plastic. We as sign stencil makers, prefer to use 0.9mm ABS plastic, for our custom made stencil cutting, as it is durable and cheap.

What are the Benefits of Custom Stencils?

Custom size

As a custom stencil maker, we can cut any size you require

Personalised Artwork e.g. a Company Logo

We can convert your artwork into a stencil design

High-quality stencil cutting

We use industrial machines to produce a good quality stencil

Durable and Reusable materials

We use quality materials to improve durability making your stencil reusable

Custom designs

Simply forward your design to us and we will convert it for custom made stencil cutting. Should you not have a stencil design, we will gladly assist you in designing for you.

Due to the way a stencil is cut, a designer will need to set up your design for the stencil cutter. The inners of letters like e and a must be connected to the body of the stencil. A divider should be added in the cases where two colours meet to separate them.

Shipping Options

We offer nationwide throughout South Africa with a high concentration of customers in Cape Town, Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Johannesburg, and Durban to name a few locations. Free shipping is available should your order exceed a certain value. Please read our shipping policy for more information.

How do I place an order?

Visit our website, and place your order online. You may also email or Whatsapp our sales team should you have any questions or for a custom quote request.

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