4 Popular Materials For Your Advertising Boards You Must Know

Is choosing the correct material for advertising boards important?

Opting for the wrong promotional signage material may result in your advertising boards not lasting long enough to promote your message effectively. Choosing the correct material for advertising boards are important as it is a crucial tool to promote your products or services to target your audience.

What are the popular materials used for promotional signage?

1. Paper Posters:


  1. They’re wallet-friendly: Want to spread the word without emptying your piggy bank? Paper posters are your go-to option! They won’t drain your budget.
  2. Easy-peasy printing: sheet fed commercial printers can print high volume quickly compared to other methods
  3. Portable power: Paper posters can be easily transported and placed in different locations, maximizing exposure.


  1. Weather woes: Rain, sunlight, or even a hint of moisture can turn your vibrant masterpiece into a soggy mess. Not ideal for outdoor use, folks! If you are looking for outdoor advertising board consider correx boards

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Advertising boards
Full colour printed advertising correx boards

2. Correx Advertising Boards:

  1. Sturdy champions: Lightweight yet a durable advertising board and can withstand wind and rain
  2. Budget-friendly buddies: They won’t break the bank, so you can channel more funds towards marketing your business. Correx boards are the perfect alternative to paper posters for outdoor use.
  1. Not your fine art material: If you’re expecting smooth finishes, correx boards might not be for you. They’re more suited to catching attention than being a Picasso. Correx boards also have lines caused by the flute structure of the board
  2. Lifespan of a fly: Correx is light and economical but is a temporary advertising signage option. It is great for the months leading up to an event but not as your main sign. Correx boards do become brittle.

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Promotional Signage
Full Colour PVC banner

3. PVC Banners:

  1. Weather warriors: Rain or shine, PVC banners can handle it all like a fearless action hero. They don’t mind getting a little wet or sun-kissed.
  2. Supersize me’ options: Need a sign that shouts “Look at me!” from across the street? PVC banners can be printed in large sizes, just like the billboards you see next to the road.
  3. Compact like a tissue: PVC banners can be roll up and stored for later use. What about that black Friday promo you have every year. Just unroll the same banner and put it up over and over.
  1. Prone to wind attacks: Unless anchored properly, PVC banners might get a little too adventurous in the wind department.
  2. You need structure: PVC banners are soft, you will need a structure like a frame or fence to hold its shape

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4. Foamboard:

  1. Lightweight wonders: foam advertising boards are featherweight, easy to handle – a winning combo!
  2. Picture-perfect print quality: Foamboard is your ticket to vibrant, high-resolution visuals. A great alternative to correx boards if you are looking for a high quality finish.
  1. Not for the outdoors: UV rays can be a real party pooper. Continuous exposure might cause colours to fade.
  2. Delicate darlings: While they’re lighter than a cloud, foamboards won’t appreciate rough handling. Treat them with care, or they might crumble faster than a cookie. Best use for advertising board away from people.

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Armed with knowledge about popular advertising board materials, go forth and conquer the world of signs! Remember to choose wisely based on your needs, budget, and durability.

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